Resident Appreciation Events

We would love to hear from you! With our properties still working through Covid-19 concerns we want to be mindful of our resident events. Will you share with us how you would like to handle events and promotions moving forward? We love to have resident appreciation events because it gives us a chance to connect with our residents. Flowers for mom, gift wrapping stations, fireworks, costume competitions, pumpkin carving parties, back to school parties, pictures with Santa, breakfast on the go, ugly sweater parties, movie night, take and bake pizza parties, taco Tuesdays, clean out your closet days and many, many more.

We want to stay connected with our residents like you, so let us know what we can do to help connect us! Just email us at [email protected]

Where Are All The Job Seekers?

With U.S. unemployment rates low and construction activity remaining relatively high, a shortage of skilled construction labor will continue to be a problem in 2019. The problem will only get worse with expected reductions in immigrant labor. Builders will.

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Growing Material Costs

Costs of building materials will continue to increase into 2019, a trend that began in December 2017, leading to a 9 percent increase over the course of 2018. Largest cost increases will be seen in iron….

Modular Prefabricated Buildings

In 2019, construction with modular, prefabricated building units will gain more followers and fans in the real estate and construction industries. In residential building, modular constructions can offer particular benefits to …..

Don’t Be A Bad Neighbor

Be the person that you’d like to live next door to, whether your neighbors are other residents in the same neighborhood or people who live in another area of your community. What does that entail? It’s more than just giving a smile when you run into someone in the street, driveway or in the parking lot. Being a good neighbor is about residing in your home in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with anyone else. Keep your music at a reasonable level, don’t throw a ton of raucous parties, and be mindful of doing your part to keep common areas clean. If you are concerned about a neighbor issue, please see the office staff for help.

Getting A Four-Legged Friend?

When it comes to having a dog, it is important to choose a dog that has the right temperament. Sure, any dog could live in a mobile home, but some breeds are more suited to small space living than others. You will need to consider several things when it comes to choosing a dog and no matter what dog you choose, having the time to give your dog enough exercise is important. Even very active breeds can survive living in smaller spaces when they are well exercised.

These 5 breeds are listed as the best when it comes to living in mobile homes according to the American Kennel Club: Shit Tzu, English Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pug, and Greyhound. These dog breeds tend to have easygoing and friendly personalities and relatively low energy levels which makes them great mobile home companions. Remember, you are taking on the responsibility of a living thing – make sure you’re ready. Check with us for Fido rules.


Dear Residents, we are continuing to monitor developments with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are modifying certain services in order to try to keep everyone safe. We request that residents who are sick with flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, etc., call or email us instead of coming directly into the office. The office has discontinued serving snacks and/or beverages for the time being. Although maintenance requests will remain available, our employees are required to confirm that no one is sick with flu-like symptoms in your home before completing the request. If you are ill and have a non-emergency maintenance request, please understand we will not be able to complete your request until you let management know that everyone in the household has been symptom free for at least fourteen days. If we do not hear back from you, we will follow up to check your health status, maintenance needs, and to schedule a maintenance visit. If you have chosen to self-quarantine, please notify us when requesting maintenance so we can avoid your home until your quarantine is over. Lastly, we have increased our cleaning strategies in our office, closed non-essential common areas, and are currently discontinuing all resident group activities for the time being. While we continue to work through this evolving situation, we have implemented a “no handshake policy” to help prevent the spread of germs.